An AR Group Exhibition presented by Philanimators & Deux Wave

When 26 animators from Philly walk together in protest of lifeless still gallery artwork! Organized & Curated by Jay Keeree & Raymo Ventura

Featured Artists (in order of appearance)
In order of appearance
Raymo Ventura " Triceracat" @foshoandtell
Helen Slavutsky "Girl with the Jumpsuit" @helllbelll
Kimberly Frey "Transformed in Happyland" @happylandhandmade
Andrew Kuserk "Helium Turtle"
Rozz Zimmerman "Frankendower" @rozz_art
Tim Pachuau "Always Moving" @roial
Moa Nordin "Red Giant"
Chris Sacco "WOD (Walk Cycle of the Day)" @saccofotos
Tamara Hahn "Evolve Devolve" @tamaramastudios
Jay Keeree "Walk Cycle" @jkeeree
Ryan Putnam “Smoking Pancake" @bendigans
"Bad Bitches"
"Breakfast Coffee"
Steve Winfield Meyer "Rat Cycle" @frogadile_dundee
James Dybvig "Happy Karate Boi" @jamesdybvig
Timothy Litostansky "The Worlds Fastest Hotted Dog" @docstrangluv
Mike Mullen @mrkindsr
Jessica Gruver "Awake!" @techycutie
Kevin Fanning "Digital Meat Tube"
Brian Dresner “Untitled, Must Love Garbage" @briandresner
Whitney Alexander "BE-BE" @whitfx
Gabrielle Patterson "Rolling to the Bass" @gabzter18
Charlie Dunkel “Push” @chunkel
Lauren Niedelman "Disinegrate" @niedsart
Mike Adamo "Strolling Through A Cold" @madamo17
Gwen Tropio “"Brisk Walk" @gwentrop
Jeremy Quattlebaum "T-Rex" @the_angry_mountain
Thomas Kastrati “Rainbow” @thomaskastrati

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Recap Video by Jeremy Quattlebaum & Raymo Ventura

Music by Boogie Kings "Philly Walk"