Official Music Video for Philly-based Psychedelic Rock Band Needle Points for their single "Corazon" off their debut full-length album "Feel Young" on Need Love Records.

Our goal for the music video was simple... Document a summer's worth of spontaneous experiences with the band and a bunch of friends! We played around with a wide array of food, liquid, & flammable props. Shooting in all sorts of environments from studio to street, basements to bedrooms, and secluded roads to crowded carnivals!

Directed by Raymo Ventura, Don Vincent Ortega & Jennifer Vance

Special thx to Alyssa Rae Hoffman, Desiree Casimiro, Gemma Rowlands, Emily Kane, Lydia Neubauer, Matt Stevenson, Miriam Gullbring, Owen Staszewski, Rasmus Löwenbräät for all your help and support!!!

September 2016