Official Music Video for Moon Bounce’s single “Strange Loop” released on Moving Castle.
We played around with a messy desktop stacked with loops! Visualizing each layer of the song’s progression with a colorful palette of plasticine, googly eyes, analog video synths, and UI nostalgia.

We also had too much fun jammin’ stuff on the original through our analog video rig, that we decided to cut together an entirely seperate remix video with all the extra footage!

Director/ Animator- Raymo Ventura
Stop Motion Director- Tamara Hahn
Analog Technical Director- Ryan Putnam
Animation Intern- Gwen Tropio
Design Intern- Charlie Dunkel
EP Artwork- Dugong Jr.
Pretzel Ceramacist- Kimberly Frey

Special Thx!
Moving Castle
Critter & Guitari
Tachyons +
Grind Select
Forge & Finish

(September 2017)