Produced by YouTube Music, Bad Bunny’s Artist Spotlight Story is a psychedelic portrait of a global superstar unlike any other. The film explores Bad Bunny’s origins in Puerto Rico, manifesting his dreams into reality, and how he uses his platform to speak out against social issues, all brought to life through vibrant animations and cutting-edge visuals to reflect his visionary aesthetic. 

Directed by Kris Merc
Edit/VFX- Reuter

Animation Teams
Deux Wave
Animation Director- Raymo Ventura
Animators- James Dybvig, Jay Keeree,
Rozz Zimmerman, Lauren Neidelman
Designers- Grace Hwang, Nate Harris 

Animation Director- Trung Bao
Animators- Karolina Olech, Nam Le

Tunja York
Animation Director- Rafatoon
Animators- Camilo Leal, Daniela Riano,
Andres4D, Andres Luna Rivera, Lunan

Isam Prado
Mitchell Zemil
Daniel Cordero

TV Wall- Media Pollution
(July 2020)